We are Falkon Robotics, FRC team 589, with an enrollment of 115 students, we have 13 mentors, and 10 college age mentors in training. Almost half of those students have volunteered to mentor in FLL, an outreach program for younger engineers who we hope will be inspired by the actions of our team. We participate in FIRST Robotics Competition and share our passion for engineering with our community.

Our Mission Statement

Team 589 maintains a supportive culture through a second family approach. Through FLL programs and outreach events, FRC 589 inspires others, and in turn, facilitates self-insights. These activities help us grow our team and grow as a team, and encourages members of the community to be involved in STEAM. Our team collaborates with our mentors to further improve our technical capabilities, building on our solid foundations with innovative design features at appropriate risk levels.

FIRST Robotics Competition

FRC is the ultimate competition for the mind. We have 6 weeks to understand the game, design, and built a robot to accomplish several tasks. The game includes a series of complex actions that if completed provide points that will rank our team higher, and help us win the competition. In addition we raise money by seeking sponsors and providing outreach to establish the 589 name. Surpassing these obstacles help us grow as team, work on our leadership skills, and learn how the real life works.

FIRST Lego League

For those who have never heard of FLL before, it is a program in which elementary, and middle school students make LEGO robots that accomplish specialized tasks. This program encourages innovation, problem solving, and teamwork. The students are divided into groups of 10 that all work together to compete with other teams. We volunteer to mentor the students and keep them on task so that they can have a engaging and enjoyable experience with STEAM.

Why Join FLL?

This FIRST program kicks off in August each year. FRC 589 helps inspire young children (ages 7-14) to become engineers, scientists, technologists, and more. It's a fun way to earn community service hours, and also increases the chance of those students joining our program when they get to high school. This provides an opportunity for the younger students to see what engineering is like, and possibly be inspired to seek a career in engineering.

Volunteer for FLL

If you are interested in helping out in the FIRST Lego League, find a school that is participating in the program, then tell Ms. Martos that you are volunteering for the program. If you don't know of any schools that might need help, contact Ms. Martos at Lyn@cvrobots.com. More information is available in the FLL Guide below.